“SEO technical optimisation is about squeezing every last bit of performance from a website. The longer it takes for a page to load the less chance of user retention. A fast loading website creates a seamless transition across pages, while a slow loading website create a quick transition away from your website. ”

Website Page Speed Optimisation

At the core of most technical optimisation is speed and while you can optimise a few pages on a website the core strategy should be optimising the entire website. My goal is always to make every page across a website consistent in terms of speed…. Blazingly fast everywhere.

Mobile Device Optimisation

Technical optimisation across devices is a core concept in any technical optimisation strategy. The type of device a user visits a website on should be irrelevant, they should experience the same fast experience no matter what type of device or browser they are using. A key part of achieving this is consistent and cross device optimised code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

(CSP) Content Security Policy Optimisation

Integrating a proper content security policy provides an extra layer of security on a website and can protect against a lot of security issues around JavaScript. Whitelisting scripts, form actions, and connectable domains provides a blueprint on how a site functions and interacts with external asset sources and can help with a technical optimisation strategy across a website.

Asset Delivery Optimisation

Assets usually account for the bulk of a webpage, both in size and in terms of loading but there is an array of different strategies for both optimising the delivery, loading sequence, and deferment of assets. Asset delivery is a huge part of technical optimisation and I know the perfect strategy to essentially defer all assets and leave a web page only needing to load inline CSS and HTML initially.