“I have done SEO for over 10 years driving huge amounts of organic traffic to websites I have worked on. I haven just achieved a few percent increase, I have achieved thousands of percent increase across some sites I have worked on. I consider myself an SEO specialist because of the amount of time I have spent researching SEO and testing SEO strategies. Much of the knowledge I have learned I have never seen online in the many years I have worked across the SEO landscape.”


Hits on my very first website within the first 6 months


Hits across my personal websites

Keyword Specialist

From generic high-volume keywords to specific long tail keywords I can optimise website keywords to drive traffic and conversions. I have a deep knowledge of how search engine bots parse keywords and how to structure keywords effectively and how to optimise this process to improve SEO. Keywords tie into the whole Google SEO page ranking process and when you have a website which has a clear keyword strategy and implementation of this process, your website can rank for whatever keywords you like, and in a high position in search results.


Average position across 10,000 keywords from a previous position of 500+ in one of my work roles

Lecco, Italy - 2018

Lecco 2018

Search Engine Optimisation and high ranking in Google search may seem like a huge mountain to climb, but when you know what to do, the biggest obstacle is time.

Heading Hierarchy Optimisation

Defining a proper heading structures across your site on each page is a fundamental part of any SEO strategy. Proper headings emphasis keywords and break up the sections of a page by importance. Splitting a web page into logical hierarchy sections with proper headings is an SEO art in itself especially when dealing with large amounts of information and through SEO experimentation over the years I have learned how to structure headings perfectly and integrate keywords for maximum effect for SEO.

I Build Webpage SEO Authority

Through sharable engaging content I build authority across pages to shoot up their SEO rank in search engines. Doing this builds back links, which builds trust in the eyes of search engines, and it all adds to the overall SEO of a website.