“Content may be regarded as King in SEO... but crawling and indexing optimisation is the Emperor!”

I Eliminate ALL Duplicate Content on a Website

Without a solid knowledge of how search engines crawl and index a website, its almost impossible for someone to completely eliminate all duplicate website content. A staggered approach of eliminating bits and pieces here and there is not a strategy, you must have a full blown plan identifying where all the duplicate content is and then implementing that plan to cut off all avenues where it can occur. Its pretty much impossible for people without development experience to do this as most of the time how a back end system works determines the level of duplicate content on a website. With my solid knowledge of back end systems and my extensive knowledge of SEO i bridge the gap and can achieve what many others cannot; a completely canonicalised website structure.

Sitemap Creation & Optimisation

Building a sitemap is not just a case of listing every single page. Listing the correct priority and change frequency is important as is knowing which pages to include in your sitemap. A well built sitemap can act as a reference to exactly what should be indexed in a search engine.

Webpage Schema

Adding micro data markup to a web page helps crawlers identify the content structure of a page which traditional HTML doesn't do for specific content areas. Schema has expanded so much over the last few years listing types for everything from images to medical devices. Proper implementation of schema can get you pride of place in Google search results carousels and drive huge amounts of traffic.

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Optimising your crawling and indexing is the gateway to advanced Search Engine Optimisation

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