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Optimizing for humans and robots

I have been working with SEO for nearly 10 years and it was one of my first passions when I entered the online world. Optimise your website for humans and you will have great user experience... optimise your website for robots and you will share that experience across the web. SEO is a two pronged approach to building and promoting relevant content to a targeted user base through content and technical SEO optimisation.

website content optimisation

Website Content optimization

Clever keyword targeting, clear page hierarchy, and relevant content is what search engines love.

Building relevant content for users

If you build amazing content, you must have an amazing plan in place to get that content to the right audience. Content needs to be great, but if it doesn't reach your audience its pretty pointless. Building great content is about journeying into your users mind, understanding what they want, then building and structuring it in a way thats easy to digest, easy to navigate, easy to find specific important points, and relevant in a way that is memorable and will make the user return. Delivering the content a user wants is about breaking down the barriers between the user and the content, making the journey as short as possible. Creating great content takes care a lot of this because great content will rank highly in search engines and generate organic traffic.

website technical optimisation

Website technical optimization

Technical SEO is about optimising every aspect of a website from the HTML to the server.

Speeding up every aspect of a website

Technical SEO is a painstaking complex process of optimising every single aspect of a website. This doesn't apply to just the page but also the server and encompasses SEO as well as development. A lot of technical SEO is about increasing your page speed. Through thorough optimisation a web page load time can be brought down to an almost instant process for the user.

google page speed

Page Speed

Check out my Google Page Speed score for this website, its quite good!

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