Optimizing for humans and robots

Optimize your website for humans and you will have great user experience. Optimize your website for robots and you will share that experience across the web. Building optimized websites or optimizing existing websites consists of a parallel process of optimizing for a user and optimizing for a robot.

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Website Content optimization

Clear keywords, hierarchy, structure, and consistency is what search engines love. This combination creates useful relevant content that search engines will rank highly.

Speeding up every aspect of a website

SEO is about optimizing every aspect of a website from the content to the server. When you remove content from the equation a lot of SEO is about speed. Building blazingly fast websites can be a simple process when you think about how you build a website.

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Website technical optimization

Optimizing websites isn't just about asset delivery and content, you should start at the bottom. From the code base up you should look at the various technical aspects of a website and combine development with SEO to transform your website into a better version of itself.

Promoting relevant content users

Give people what they want. Delivering the content a user wants is about breaking down the barriers between the user and the content, making the journey as short as possible.

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Optimising for Google Search

Through thorough optimization a web page load time can be brought down to almost nothing. And through great content you can bring as tons of organic traffic. Google Search loves fast, responsive websites, with the most relevant content.

Optimizing for Google page speed

Page Speed

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