“I’ve been using Google Tag Manager for over 5 years. Google Tag Manager is such a powerful tracking solution that it can generally track anything you want without having to integrate any other tracking solution alongside it… instead you can implement other solutions within it. Its support for third party tracking libraries means it’s the perfect space to manage all your tracking implementations.”

Google Tag Manager Developer

Using the power of Google Tag Manger and other tracking tools I implement tracking on even the most complex websites, applications, and user journeys to push data to Google Analytics or any third-party systems. Setting up virtual page views, custom dimensions, advertising features, and events is a breeze. Its detailed triggering mechanisms means you can hook into any kind of site events whether you are working with static HTML or single page applications.


Tag Manger accounts setup


Tag Manager containers build


of tags, triggers, and variables created

Ecommerce tracking with Google Tag Manager

One of the most powerful features of any analytics suite which is required on every ecommerce website is ecommerce tracking. Knowing your sales and product figures gives a business deep insight into performing products and services and allows you to optimise your website and improve conversions around performing and non-performing items.

Google Tag Manager certified

I have been individually certified wit Google Tag Manager for the last couple of years and will continue to do the exam and have my certification as time goes on. When I first used Tag Manager many years ago it was in its infancy and because I use Tag Manager every day or week I keep on top of new features and use them as soon as they are released.

Google Tag Manager partner summit

Google Partner Summit - San Francisco 2018

At Google Partner summit 2018 in San Francisco I learned advanced Google Tag Manger skills and information about upcoming features.