“Ever since I built my first website over 10 years ago, I have always appreciated how proper data analysis can improve user experience and increase conversions on a website. Using Google Analytics and Google Data Studio enables me to generate advanced reports and understand what drives conversions for business and optimise that flow to increase conversions.”


Increase in organic traffic on a large ecommerce website

Google Analytics Specialist

Proper analysis of a user journey from the second they enter your website to the second the leave is key in understanding how the user interacted with your website pages and interface. Coupled with user traits like their demographic and geographic, their actions and behaviour across your site, I create actionable and meaningful insights to improve user journeys.

Google Analytics Certified

As I worked with Google Analytics for such a long time it was only natural to achieve the Google Analytics individual certification. I have worked with probably all the Google Analytics features over the years from simple reporting to creating complex custom reports, advanced filtering, complex funnels, segmentation, cross device tracking, and much more.

Google Partner Summit 2018

Google Partner Summit - San Francisco 2018

I attended the Google Partner Summit in San Francisco in 2018 to hear Google's roadmap for the year ahead and learn advanced analytics skills.

Conversion Optimisation Specialist

I can define the key KPI's a business should focus on and optimise conversions to bring enhanced value. Conversion optimisation is key to almost any website as it increases leads / revenue or both. When you understand the underlying behaviour and journey to increase conversions they can shoot up from something minuscule and fragmented to something consistent and valuable.


Analytics accounts setup


Analytics views setup

Google Data Studio Analyst

It may be relatively new, but its expanding and incorporating extra features rapidly. Google Data Studio is a powerful reporting tool that allows you to generate beautiful reports. Its range of integrations with third party systems means you can gain insight into almost any data source. I love Data Studio, its interface, its features, it’s a well-crafted product that shows even more promise going forward than it does now.

Google Analytics integration with other Google Products

As Google products move to ever deeper integration between themselves and selected third party products such as Salesforce, its vital that you interlink all the Google products you use as much as you can. Sharing data across your Google products enables advanced reporting and better analysis. I can easily link all Google products to enable enhanced data sharing and analysis. Integrating CRM systems with Google Analytics is a core feature for most business these days and when you know the process you can tie your leads to specific users and unlock a range of powerful features.