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Targeting relevant channels and building an audience I have raised traffic to sites I have worked on by 1000's of %. Through organic search marketing and paid for marketing I create optimized campaigns to reach the people that matter. I have built large audiences through organic search for my own and others websites. Through multi channel paid, free, or both types of marketing I reach the desired audience in the desired location.

Networking at the pirate summit

Google Certified

As an individual with an individual qualification in Google Analytics and Google Adwords I respect and try to master the powerful tools Google has given us. It has developed a system to reach your audience; Google Adwords, and it has developed a system track your audience behavior and interactions in massive detail: Google Analytics.

Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified

Optimizing websites for Google

In the organic marketing realm its all about Google. If you optimize your website to perform exceptional in Google search, results and revenue will quickly flow in. Ranking highly in Google Search is the key to a huge audience, huge revenues, and huge opportunities.

Tracking your audience behaviour with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Tracking

From simple click tracking to complex virtual page view systems within AJAX applications, I use Google Tag Manager to track any aspect of a user journey.

Paid marketing

In this life if you want to make money you generally have to spend money. Paid for marketing is the perfect example of this. With an effective online advertising platform like Google Adwords and optimized marketing campaigns invest heavily and reap the rewards.

Startup bus 2016 finalist and pitching at pirate summit, Cologne, Germany

Startup Bus 2016 finalist

A 7 day hackathon across Europe... and one hell of a party at Pirate summit.

Startup Bus

Reaching an audience online

There is no barriers to reaching your target audience online. You just need a plan, patience, and a knowledge of how you can promote your site. Reaching out to more and more people and more and more channels will slowly or very quickly gain you new and repeat visitors everyday.

Speaking at Stripecon 2016 in ljubljana

Speaker at Stripecon 2016

Presenting to a varied audience a talk about my SilverStripe SEO module


Google Tag Manager tracking

Bringing the power of Google Tag Manager to a website through advanced and highly detailed tracking. Measuring ecommerce, visitor, behavior, channel, and many other aspects of a website is a breeze with the power of Tag Manager.

Tracking your audience behaviour with Google Tag Manager

Marketing in London

I work for a digital agency with a highly skilled Marketing team

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