DDMSEO - Full Stack Developer based in London

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Website Developer based in London

Working seamlessly between the front end and back end I'm a Web Develop with a passion for all things code related. I have been working as a full stack developer for many years taking websites from a simple concept to a live application. I try to build everything in reusable components to speed up development time and ensure a solid structure to my applications. From naming conventions to code structure I bring a consistency with me that I carry through my projects and using powerful open source frameworks to rapidly build complex systems to meet any requirement.

front end developer

Front End Developer

For years I have been building layouts and bringing web pages to life

Front-End Tech I Use

angular framework

Angular 4 / 5

react framework


jquery javascript library




Creating responsive websites

I build websites to work across any device; from mobile to desktop and everything in between. There is a wealth of devices out there today especially in the mobile market and although building a responsive website to work across them all is a challenge, no challenge is too tough. Using standards compliant, structured and clear coding I build super fast sites with a low footprint and loading time. From static HTML sites to feature rich JavaScript applications I built the relatively easy to the super complicated.

laracon eu

Back End Developer

Working with languages like PHP, HTML, and JavaScript

MVC Frameworks I Use

silverstripe framework


laravel framework


Building modern web applications

I build object oriented PHP systems primarily in the MVC pattern. I can adept to any modern framework or technology very fast and very fluently. Integrating the latest and most powerful APIs from social networks to team software, I integrate the features to make a great good application a great application. I work across the insides and the outsides of Web applications and develop custom systems to meet the needs of any task.

php frameworks

Mobile Application Developer

Building native apps for iOS and Android.

Native App Tech I Use

nativescript mobile framework


react native mobile framework

React Native

Building truly native apps

I work with powerful mobile application frameworks with access to all native mobile APIs to create truly cross platform mobile applications that compile down to Android or iOS code. My preference is working with Angular and NativeScript, 2 powerful frameworks that go hand in hand and allow rapid development of even the most complicated systems.

bringing your website alive

Web Development Services

I work for an ISO certified full service digital agency in London

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Framework modules I have built

If you really enjoy your work you will want to do it in your spare time. Over the past couple of years when I have had free time I have built a number of plugins / modules for various frameworks. These framework modules are build to speed up development and help integrate special website features which are generally critical to a website.

silverstripe modules


Optimize the SEO of your SilverStripe website and perform in search

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silverstripe modules


Integrate the power of Google Tag Manager into your SilverStripe site

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silverstripe modules

Block Page

Create a truly modular page with model based components

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silverstripe modules

Social Sharer

Share your SilverStripe website content across social networks easily

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