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I have worked across a range of media in my life from still life hand drawing to 3D modeling. Web Design is my passion but I fuse elements from creative media to create truly unique websites. Starting with an idea, without an idea, or part of an idea, I bring websites to life.

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Website Branding

My college days in Graphic Design is what gave me my appreciation and interest in branding both online and offline. When you create a brand, you can create a personality, and nowhere is that more important than online. Branding evolves, visual styles change with the times, but the core principals of creating a brand remain.

Building brands online

I have worked with an array of London businesses and companies and rebrand and to create a new online presence. With a history across a range of creative media I draw on inspiration and creative ability to create unique identities for brands online.

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Website Design

A website is like a canvas, and just like a painting it can be as complex and creative as you like.

Building beautiful websites

At the heart of a beautiful website is beautiful design. You can never create something that appeals to everyone...but that does not matter. Design is a very subjective and complex art. You only have design something that appeals to your target audience. Drawing on experience from my past and inspiration the modern world I create beautiful, creative, unique websites adhering to modern webs standards.

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