Published: 26th Nov 2017 | Words: 464 | Reading Time: 3 minutes


One of the handiest web browser tools

Every browser has the option to view source. What this means is to view the source code behind the web page, the HTML and JavaScript etc., the code which is processed to render up the web page by the browser. Viewing the source code behind web pages allows you to see how other web designers structure their web pages and is one of the best ways to scope out your competition and improve your own coding skills. It also allows you to work out the SEO structure of a web page and web site. If you are browsing a web site and you like how it is structured or you should always check out the source code. There is no way to hide the code behind a web page. You will come across sites that use different techniques to try to hide their coding such as including a lot of white space at the top of the document so when you go to view source it looks as though there is no coding behind the web page. But don’t be fooled, like I said before there is no way to hide the coding behind a document. Once you understand that you can get around any tricks that people use and view the coding behind their web pages.

Investigate other websites source code

It’s not just HTML and SEO info you can get from web pages by viewing the source. JavaScript that is inline within the document can also be viewed and you can work out how other designers have built their scripts in order to improve your own JavaScript skills and get ideas for yourself.

Viewing source code across browsers

The source code view is slightly different in different browsers. Some use different colours to mark different code attributes. You may also find that the source code can be incredibly badly structured when viewing the source code. This is usually a product of the code being generated dynamically on the server using PHP and you can copy the code into something like notepad++ to format it properly and get a better and easier view of it.

Learn from other website code

If you are building a website from scratch yourself and you want to give yourself a major advantage over your competitors. Gather a list of all their websites and carefully analyse their code. Gather as much information from reading through their code as possible. Looks for better ways of building your site and as said before carefully analyse the SEO throughout their pages and improve on it within your own.