Published: 5th Feb 2017 | Words: 887 | Reading Time: 5 minutes


Expand your content and improve your SEO

Updating your website content regularly is one of the best ways to push up your website in search rankings. If you build a website from scratch with a new domain you face an uphill struggle especially if you are entering into an industry or sector that is already packed with high ranking competitor sites. Unfortunately most people who don’t understand how the web works work and usually the thought process that you build a website and just throw it up online suddenly overnight you are highly ranked with thousands of visitors every day. Building a website from scratch is usually the complete opposite. It takes time, usually a long time to rank for high traffic keywords, to gain authority for your domain and pages, and to build a website that delivers a good return on your investment whether its time or money.

Update your content regularly

When you think about how search results are returned by searches it’s pretty easy to work out why updating your website content is a key part of any SEO strategy. Search engines try to return the most relevant pages to a user when they search for something and over time content that was relevant before may be less relevant now. The internet and the world are both evolving at such a speed that a lot of content is becoming obsolete in terms of relevance not through any fault of its own but simply because of the fact there are newer, better, and different ways to do things. Always look at the content across your website and think to yourself is it up to date. Does it keep in up with the changes within your particular industry or sector. If not expand it, re-write it, do what it takes to make it relevant to the latest user searches. Another reason to update your content regularly is to show search engines your website is still alive so to speak. Website that don’t update their content over time will eventually slip in search rankings while websites that continually build new content and update other content across their sites will find themselves slowly pushing up the search rankings and pass out websites which have become stagnant.

How often to update your website content

It pretty easy to answer this question and that is as often as possible! You don’t have to go writing 10,000 words everyday on your website. If you can then by all means go nuts… as long as it’s relevant and informative. But if you time is limited you can even include a few sentences everyday within your site or small paragraphs of text on pages to expand the content already there. Updating the HTML and CSS across your website isn’t the same as updating the actual content. If you are doing any sort of overhaul within your coding it should be geared toward increasing your page speed and optimising delivery of assets like files and images. This can benefit you in the eyes of search engines but this type of updating won’t really help you in terms of keyword targeting.

Website content strategy

The issue you will face with very small websites is how to expand the content across it. If you are a very small business selling a very specific product or service generating a large content base across your site can be a hard process. A blog or something very similar is something which can deliver enormous benefits to you. Thinking of extra pages to add across your site can be a tedious and hard task to accomplish successfully because of many factors including interlinking new pages properly across your site and targeting keywords successfully on these new pages. While it may seem like a good idea to add a lot of different pages to your site, it can be a pointless process unless you are adding pages with high value that will generate traffic and engage users. A blog on your website allows you to add small snippets of information in one place and over time you can expand your blog to run as a series of paginated pages or you could set up separate blog sections within your website. If you don’t have a whole lot of time to expand the content across your website this is usually the best way to go. While this is a great way for you to expand the content on you website slowly over time you can also use your users to generate content across your website. A forum or similar is a great way to engage users and initiate discussion between users of your website. There are many forum packages you can download and integrate very easily into your website and you can style the forum section of your website to match the styling of your website. A forum does present a lot of problems as with any medium which allows user input. There are various security issues with user generated content such as spam and XSS attacks.