Published: 5th Feb 2017 | Words: 325 | Reading Time: 2 minutes


Why a good website name matters

Website names can be tricky, very tricky and if you think you can set up a paint website and call it a you will get a rude awakening. Single word domains sell for big money sometimes in the millions. Two or three word domains can even be tricky, and you will be surprised at the scale of domains that have already been registered. It is still possible to find domains with small names and if you have a unique business name or name for your website you may get lucky and it’s not already registered. You may want to register the .com version and also the country specific domain e.g. Actually register as many as possible, better you getting them than anyone else. You don’t want someone with a similar domain causing you problems later on. There isn’t really a whole lot of clear guidance to give for a website name. The name can be anything really. I suppose a main one would be to remember that this will be your name going forward, and once your website is well established, deciding to change it to something else could result in one giant headache. Pick something that you’re sure you will stick with going forward. When you are choosing your domain name, think carefully, look at what’s already out there, check there isn’t something the exact same or really similar. You could end up in a copyright lawsuit if you create something too similar to another established site. A lot of words are trademarked remember by large brands and companies so you can’t just use those trademarked words generally. If you want to go down the route of buying a website name, there is an endless supply of them to buy catering for any budget from relatively small to mega money.