Published: 9th Nov 2017 | Words: 444 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Page Speed

Creating fast loading web pages

Page speed is one of the most important things to consider today. No one wants to wait 10 seconds for page to load in today’s modern age. With heavy optimisation of delivery of assets, you can get page loading to extremely fast speeds especially after static content like images have being cached. You can be talking page loading around 0.25 seconds depending on a few different factors which is pretty much instant. There are a lot of factors to consider, a user’s internet connection is one thing and if you are creating specific websites for countries with poor network speeds a really slow loading website suddenly becomes a ridiculously slow loading website. Being able to access a htaccess file or set server settings is another thing you will need to be able to do.

Optimising delivery of assets

Optimising your actual pages so the individual files required for them load faster is another, so is optimising the actual page coding so it’s as small as possible. There is a great many factors that come into play when you want to improve your page loading. Some things gives more benefit that another’s, some are easy to do, some are very time consuming. I you really want to optimise your page loading completely you have to examine and optimise every aspect of your site. A very fast loading site will always rank highly in search results, search engines have leaned heavily toward providing users with fast loading sites that conserve internet bandwidth.

Website optimisation

To be honest there is no excuse why you should be building pages that take a very long time to load. Through clever CSS any images on your page you use for styling can be combined into CSS sprites. Images can be optimised in quality to greatly reduce their file sizes. Images and file scan be split across a Content Delivery Network to improve parallel requests. Rules can be set in an htaccess file or similar to cache images within a user’s computer across pages. The point is no matter how complex a page looks, it is more than likely possible to make it and make it in a way that it loads very fast. Fast page speed is a key SEO technique and I won’t lie if you are new to web design there is a lot of factors to learn.