Published: 19th Dec 2017 | Words: 566 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Google Adwords

What makes Google Adwords such a good platform

Google AdWords is one of the cornerstones of the Google empire. It’s a very advanced, very easy to use platform for advertisers to reach the Google search and display network. The Google network is not just the search engine we all know but consists of various other products and platforms such as Google Maps. The amount of users is staggering and you can carve a nice section of the market for yourself with good investment and advertising campaigns. If you are starting off on AdWords look at configuring the very basic information for your advertising campaigns including the locations you wish to target, your budgets, and keywords. AdWords contains a lot of different information and tools to help you get started.

Your target market

AdWords is really a process of targeting a specific market or markets and using the available data to constantly optimise your campaigns so you eliminate traffic that isn’t relevant to your website. Any traffic that comes to your site from a paid for medium MUST be relevant otherwise it’s the same as throwing away your money on those clicks. There are a lot of fundamental concepts you must understand, for instance stay away from high volume keywords that won’t lead to a lot of conversions. If you live in London and you own a store selling high end luxury cars, you don’t want your advert showing over in China every time someone searches the word “cars”. You would generally want your ad showing for users in London and the surrounding area when they type something like “luxury cars for sale in London”.

The endless supply of data

AdWords does get extremely complicated when you really try to pin down and eliminate all non-relevant traffic and keywords. The range of different user behaviours and searches means there is always new data to review. To be really effective an advertising campaigns needs constant tweaking. Yes you can set up an advertising campaign and just let it run, but really you should always work at tweaking it and cutting out what could be considered spam. The amount of non relevant keywords which can lead to clicks can become out of control and you must early on monitor the keywords reports closely.

Get inside your audience mind

Understanding keyword matching is another thing which can be hard to understand initially. You can for instance mark a keyword as a negative keyword while at the same time targeting it. Keywords for the basis of how you target your audience and you have to get into the mind of the user as to what exactly they would search which relates exactly to your site. You can gather massive lists of keywords from what people search to reach your site initially and then it’s a case of excluding keywords that aren’t relevant.

Share your data between your Google products

To make the most of AdWords you have to cross-link up all your Google products such as AdWords, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and combine the data. Share everything around so you can compare as much data as possible and optimise how you run your AdWords campaigns.