Published: 19th Dec 2017 | Words: 531 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Google Adsense

Why to sign up for Google Adsense

A website by itself means nothing. You can have the best built website in the world but unless it has an audience it doesn’t really have any worth. But when you do have an audience you can use this audience to generate you revenue by running advertising on your site from things like Google AdSense. Companies like Facebook and Google have built amazing products and platforms but their real worth is their audience. These large tech companies don’t make money from selling a large volume of products but from allowing advertisers to utilise their platforms and websites for advertising. Advertising is the main income stream for most social media and companies and search engines and you can make an income for yourself through the same thing if you have a fairly successful website.

The ease of online advertising

There are massive amount of various advertising networks you can sign up to. To run ads from companies it’s usually just a case of signing up and placing their code within your pages so their ads show when you’re page loads and you get revenue every time they are clicked or seen depending on how you are set up. Google AdSense is the most effective platform to use today in my personal opinion. The ads are high quality, the cost per click is probably the best out of all networks and payment is prompt. I have used various advertising networks but none of them stand up to Google AdSense. Many advertising networks allow you have things like rolling banner that slide up covering the screen or other various ads which drive user’s nuts. You need to strike a balance between promoting your ads in good positions on your page while at the same time not degrading how users experience your website. There is nothing worse on a website than having ads constantly popping up, it’s a sure fire way to lose a lot of users very quickly when they visit your pages.

Ads for everyone

Google AdSense provides various different ad types including text and images based ads. The AdSense interface is very easy to use just like all Google products and provides a wealth of information to tweak how you place your ads and what ads to run. When you sign up to Google AdSense it’s almost an instant process to get ads running on your website if it’s live on the web already. Setting up your various payment options can take some time but it’s generally a straightforward process. If you have personal website like a blog then sign up to Google AdSense and start making money from your online activities. How much you make depends on a number of different factors including the amount of visitors on your site, the ads showing and a lot of other things. If you do end up making a very successful website in terms of revenue remember you can look at selling your website for a large sum later on.