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The advantages of website directory listing

When you first build a website and put it online it can be very hard to get it to rank highly quickly. This is usually because you will be up against established websites with a large audience, high search rankings and a lot of backlinks. If your website is very small, only a few pages the task can be even harder because the amount of content within your site may be very small. Listing your website within online directories have numerous benefits to you. Firstly they give you increased visibility. Anyone viewing the pages of the directory may stumble across your website and may follow the link to your site driving traffic to you. Another benefit is backlinks. Backlinks play a very important role for search engines and act as a vote of confidence for your website. The higher ranked website that links back to you the better. Most decent directories online will have a high page rank and if they place a link back to you with that search engines follow some page rank will be passed to you and it can look very good for your website in the eyes of search engines. Below is a list of decent directories inline that are worth signing up for. The best directories for your particular site is dependent on your type of site. You could have a blog, business to business website, e-commerce website selling direct to the public, online guide, or anything really and you should look to prioritise the most important directories to you as the starting point to listing your website.

Online directory list

Name Link Pagerank    
1Abc Directory  PR 4  Paid  Free
Amray Directory  PR 4  Paid  Free
Best Free Websites  PR 2  Paid  Free
Business Directory UK  PR 4  Paid  Free
Cipinet  PR 4  Paid  Free
DIGG Directory    Paid  Free
Directory World  PR 2    Free
Direct My Link  PR 3  Paid  Free
Elite Sites Directory  PR 4  Paid  Free
Free Website Directory  PR 4  Paid  Free
Gain Web  PR 4  Paid  Free
Jayde  PR 5  Paid  
Prolink Directory  PR 4  Paid  Free
Ranking Website Directory    Paid  Free
Scrub the Web  PR 5    Free
So Much    Paid  Free
Suggest URL  PR 3  Paid  Free
The Web Directory  PR 4  Paid  Free
Tsection  PR 4  Paid  Free
viesearch  PR 4  Paid  Free

Paid vs free directories

Generally for online directories a paid option will lead to a faster review of your submission. Most directories online are probably heavily backlogged with submissions and therefor it can take months for your submission to be reviewed an even longer for search engines to recognise the backlinks form those directories. If you go for the paid option on most directories the cost is quite small, a few dollars and you can avail of different packages across different directories to add extra features so as extra links back to different pages of your site. The real problem in terms of cost comes from submitting to a lot of different directories. While submitting to one or two is very cheap, submitting to dozens can soon pile up and leave you with a fairly hefty bill. If your funds are limited it’s really a case of working out those few directories which really relate to you and would benefit you the most and paying for express reviews within those directories.

Reciprocal links to directories

Placing a reciprocal link back to the directory you have submitted to can be a way to fast track your application however it’s usually not as efficient as going for the paid option. It can however shave off a few weeks or even months from your submission review therefor it’s a pretty good option to go for.