Published: 5th Feb 2017 | Words: 870 | Reading Time: 5 minutes


Write engaging webpage content

Just like a book a website’s content should be well written, fluid and should avoid repetitive uninformative content. If you are a designer working on personal projects you may want to think about how you are going to develop your content. In all honesty if you wish to develop websites completely yourself including writing content that works for users and search engines it is much easier if you have fairly good grammar and a good grasp of the English language. Otherwise you need to develop your knowledge of how to integrate your keywords into the content. For those of you who are very good at typing and writing blocks of content from your head all you need to know is write as much as possible and make sure you stick to an overall topic and integrate your keywords along the way. Try to write your content from top to bottom in terms of relevance with your most relevant content closer to the top of your page as possible. A little planning goes a long way. Just like planning and building the design of your website you should look to building content that has structure, hierarchy, and is unique. Each page should be tailored to a specific function, user, or purpose and this strategy in turn dictates that the content should be unique and relevant to that page. When you are building your content think about content that is unique to this page. Most of the time it involves breaking down exactly what you want the page to do and adding informative information that will drive and engage users.


Website content strategy

A very simple way of getting to grips with developing content is to write a bullet point list of all the keywords and phrases you think this page should be targeted towards. Once the list is finished write one sentence for each keyword and only for that keyword. Try to group the related bullet points / sentences and bulk up everything as much as you can. Try to structure these grouped sentences into a paragraph of text that follows a hierarchy and is easy to read through. Look to build something which is comprehensive and will engage the reader. Break up content with images which back up the content and place headings to sum up each paragraph. If you don’t group content you can find yourself with a large list of bullet point sentences that don’t really follow any order and just grouping them together this way will create something that doesn’t make much sense. I understand that writing content can be a tough challenge for people. When you are good at typing, good at writing, and knowledgeable in the subject your writing about it can still be a challenge to structure things in the perfect way. You really have to consider spending as much time as necessary to get things right.


Avoiding website content penalties

I do see on quite a few websites a large block of content running across multiple pages, something like a large description of a company or similar. A user doesn’t need to know the company story on every page, the website should tell what the companies about. A lot of people seem to take the view that you need to run certain bits of information on every page and sometimes you do. A company address in your footer is something you can place on every page. Things like social media links and of course a navigation bar are things that should run across most or even all of your sites pages. But large blocks of the same text should not run across all pages instead web pages should be filled with unique content on each page. Unfortunately a lot of websites even today take the easy approach of bulking up content across pages by copying the same blocks on content across a load of pages. To be honest you would be better off having nothing there if this is your strategy. Bulking up content across pages by just copying the same text gives you all sorts of duplicate content problems. If you have got someone to build you a website and it’s just the same content running across all your pages you must question exactly how much effort has gone into it. While a website may look good, it’s not a websites looks which are necessary the most important part, at least not for SEO. Content is king and you should always look for content within your site which really explains what it is supposed to, something which you can look back after reading and say… very informative and well written.