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From childhood I have had a passion to try to build works of art. Whether hand drawing or digital I always enjoyed just sitting down for hours upon hours and trying to build something special.

Born in Ireland

Born in Ireland, living in London

Today I work for a digital agency in the city of London.

My thoughts and rants

Here you will find lots of articles on different areas of interest to me.

Web Design

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I have 8 years experience personally and professionally in front end design including (X)HTML(4/5), CSS / SASS / LESS, HTML emails, Responsive Web Design, cross device and browser issues, code validation, Photoshop and other design tools.

Web Design Articles

Webpage Structure

Structuring a web page properly at the beginning ensure search engines and users can read your page in a fluid way.

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Structuring Headings

Creating clear hierarchy within your heading tags breaks up content in a way that is easy to read and improves user experience.

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Page Speed

Optimising your web pages and improving your page speed is important for both users and for search engines.

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Web Development

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I have 6 years experience across a range of front and back-end frameworks and languages including PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, MAMPP, Wordpress, Laravel, and Silverstripe, . My preference is to code from scratch and rely on external libraries sparingly.

Web Development Articles

Understanding PHP Variables

Variables are one of the fundamental concepts on any programming language and are a powerful way to store different values.

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How to Build a Dynamic Robots Tag

Generating a robots tag dynamically is a necessity on large sites which are very large and built on template systems.

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Building Pagination in an E-commerce Website

An e-commerce site with a lot of different catalogue pages is much easier to navigate using a series of paginated pages.

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Online Marketing

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I have 6 years experience in paid for and organic search marketing and tracking including Google products (Adwords, Tag manager, Analytics, Webmaster Tools), Bing Advertising, Social media promotion and app integration, and email marketing.

Online Marketing Articles

How to Use Webmaster Tools

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools are the fist step to getting your site online and getting it visible on the web.

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Marketing a Website with Adwords

Google Adwords is probably the most powerful paid for advertising platform on the web and a great tool to generate traffic.

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Making Money From Google Adsense

Turn your website into an advertising platform by signing up to Adsense and start making money from your website.

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Search Engine Optimisation

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I have 8 years experience and in depth knowledge of SEO best practices including on page optimization, keyword targeting, canonicalization, duplicate content, hierarchy, internal and external linking optimisation, Meta tags, page speed, and indexing.

SEO Articles

Keywords Explained

Keywords form the basis of how your website appears in search results for queries relating to user searches.

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Avoiding Duplicated Content

Duplicate content is a severe problem that should be avoided if you want to rank highly and engage users.

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How Search Engine Indexing Works

How search engines index your website dictates many factors about how you rank and how successful your website can become.

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Prioritising Links in a Website

A well planned out linking structure on your website benefits both users and search engines and plays an important role in SEO.

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The Difference Between 404 and Soft 404

A 404 and a soft 404 are two completely different statuses a page can return and your should learn the difference.

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Useful Website Directories

Online directories can play a key role in building backlinks and traffic and you should sign up to popular directories.

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