“I'm a full stack developer based in the city of London with a rich background across a range of media and industries with a large skill set I have developed over a number of years. Today I have 4 key areas I work in regularly - Design, Development, Marketing, & SEO. Combining these 4 areas I can take an idea into a fully built and deployed application adhering to modern web standards and using modern web technologies and practices.”

10+ Years experience online

At the age of 32 I have over 2 decades of working passionately in areas of online and offline media building and creating unique pieces and systems in my own personal style. A decade of this is in the online world. I transitioned from print based Graphic Design work into online media back in college and long before that since as young as I can remember I was being creative with detailed drawings and mixed media. The creativity I learned from a youngster helped me immensely building innovated applications with a core concept... anything is possible.saddasda


I have 8 years experience personally and professionally in front end design including (X)HTML(4/5), CSS / SASS / LESS, HTML emails, Responsive Web Design, MVVM frameworks, cross device and browser issues, code validation, Photoshop and other design tools.


I have 6 years experience across a range of front and back-end frameworks and languages including PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, MAMPP, Wordpress, Laravel, and SilverStripe. My preference is to code from scratch and rely on external libraries sparingly.


I have 6 years experience in paid for and organic search marketing and tracking including Google products (Adwords, Tag manager, Analytics, Webmaster Tools), Bing Advertising, Social media promotion and app integration, and email marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation

I have 8 years experience and in depth knowledge of SEO best practices including on page optimisation, keyword targeting, canonicalisation, duplicate content, hierarchy, internal and external linking optimisation, Meta tags, page speed, and indexing.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait - Liner Pen 2002

I draw on decades of Art and Design experience across a range of media to bring creativity and style to every project I do

Kings Cross, London - 2016

Kings Cross - London City 2016

I have worked across London in iconic locations including Canary Wharf and central London working with small, medium, and large clients across a variety of exciting projects. London is a central hub of design, creativity, and all things web development related and I find it a huge inspiration in the work I do.

West coast of Ireland

West coast of Ireland

Having been born and raised in Ireland, I always enjoy the craic while maintaining a strong work ethic

Google Meta Optimiser

Google Meta Optimiser

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